Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Review

Everyone keeps saying that 2016 was their worst year ever, but honestly, it was a fantastic year for me. In many ways 2015 was much harder. 2016's word was "brave" and boy did I need it. Here are some of the highlights from the past year!

- Started the new year with my word, "brave"

- Accepted a job with the Girl Scouts and said goodbye to Make-A-Wish
- Was a bridesmaid in my cousin Candace's wedding

- Went to San Diego with the whole family (did Sea World and the San Diego zoo)

- Got promoted at work

- Went to NYC with mom
- Moved into my OWN APARTMENT and a new ward

- Went to Hollywood with mom and saw the Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl as well as Universal Studios Hollywood 

- Celebrated Fourth of July with cousins

- Visited my friend Kathleen in Texas and my friend Kelly surprised us there!
- Celebrated Jonah's first birthday 
- Turned 28

- Started LuLaRoe 
- Attended a Women's Conference that really changed me

- Had a low-key Halloween with family

- Cried myself to sleep for like three weeks over the stupid election (dark part of the year)
- Decided to quit LuLaRoe
- Celebrated one year of being endowed

- Celebrated Christmas with family
- Saw about 812827 movies in theatres with mom 

I also:
- reconnected with old friends
- let go of some people who weren't serving me well
- strengthened my faith
- tried new things
- saw a lot of plays/shows 

So you can see, it was honestly a great year! I have a lot in store for 2017 already, including a few trips planned and some great goals in place.

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