Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New York City

I have not been a very good blogger lately! Life has been super busy lately so I'll go ahead and blame that. Let's play a little catch up.

At the end of May mom and I went to New York City. Most of the time we stayed with the family she used to nanny for and they live on CENTRAL PARK WEST. Literally, Central Park was across the street. I miss the doormen. 

Our first day we got in late so all we had time for was a little walk around the park and a quick dinner at Time Warner Center. The next day was my favorite... we saw Aladdin on Broadway! I cannot begin to describe the magic of that show. I was wary because I'm not a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast on Broadway but this was just divine. I was able to see an original Broadway cast which was a HUGE bucket list item for me. The costumes, songs, story, energy, actors and props were all amazing. Mom really splurged and got us seats in the third row so we were right in the middle of the action. The Genie even smiled at me, I swear. Take me back...

That night we went up to Chelsea to meet my friends Reece and Shinban for dinner. I hadn't seen them since they got married a year ago and it was so fun. It's so nice to be with friends who you don't see all the time and catch up right where you left off. They make me laugh so hard. We walked along the Chelsea high-line (a must see) and had dinner at a funky burger joint. 

I somehow talked mom into TWO more Broadway shows and the next one was an American in Paris. It was good, but I wasn't blown away. Lots of dancing. I don't think I'm cultured enough for that show... I'm too mainstream. :) 

We played around Times Square before the show and checked out Madame Tueassu's wax museum which was a total crock but at least I got a few fun pictures and we had some good laughs. Don't think we didn't play in the big Disney Store too!

The next day we got up bright and early (mom wanted to skip and she's SO glad I made her go) to see Live! with Kelly. Guess who won the audience prize? Hmm?? It was so funny I'm still laughing the video of her winning. I loved watching the show be taped - Kelly was so gracious and kind to the audience and it was fascinating to watch how everything worked. I could do that every day. After that we grabbed some delicious crepes and stopped by the famous Magnolia Bakery. It did not disappoint. I may or may not have eaten two cupcakes in one day. 

After we took a nap and then we were off to see Wicked! That show is a gem. I know every word and have seen it probably 5 times but I could see it ten million times and never get over it. 

We had a tour at the Tennament Museum the next morning about the "Irish Outsiders." I was not expecting much but by the end mom and I were both crying. My great grandma came over from Ireland. She actually converted to the church after she met my great grandpa on his mission. She was completely ostrizied by her family and the whole time I kept thinking what a woman of faith she must have been. I'm so glad she chose the church. Anyways, the tour takes you through a building where they tell the stories of actual immigrants who lived there. We were enthralled the entire time and we highly recommend! The next museum that day was the 9/11 memorial and boy was that emotional. It was such a gorgeous tribute to those who lost their lives that day.

The last day we stopped at Central Park Zoo and then Serendipity for some Frozen Hot Chocolate. That definitely makes my all-time favorite dessert list. 

I'm so grateful to have a mom who loves adventures and takes me along. Traveling has gotten a LOT easier for me this past year and I'm starting to really enjoy exploring the world. I'm grateful we have the means to do so and that I've been able to adventure so much while I'm single and learning about myself!


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