Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Angel

The last week or so has been ROUGH. I'm usually really good about being expressive about how I'm feeling and not holding everything inside but that has not been the case. Unfortunately, that meant a complete mental breakdown that affected more than just myself and left me feeling even more crummy than before. 

Yesterday I prayed in the morning for a better week and a better outlook and unfortunately, my day ended up being full of stress and emotion and not what I had planned. At the last minute my boss asked me to drive out to Mesa for a work meeting from 4 - 530. I'm in charge of FHE at my church every Monday night so I knew this was going to be a quick turnaround. I ran to the vet to pick Ellie up from her teeth cleaning (which was traumatic in and of itself), rushed home and then it was off to Mesa in traffic. I had the address in my phone and Siri was talking to me as usual but for some reason I kept missing the turns. At one point I almost got into a terrible car accident and was thankfully spared from any harm. It was like an invisible force was guiding me somewhere and I didn't know where. At first I thought I was turning toward the temple, which would have made sense, but I found myself in a part of town I hadn't been in for a long time. As I turned again I realized I was passing the cemetery where my grandpa is buried. I suddenly felt this warm, powerful, overwhelming feeling from my head to my toes. It was a reminder that I have angels watching over me not matter where I go or what I do, and the most important of those angels is my grandpa. 

After the meeting I went back to the cemetery and walked around and felt his presence with me. I broke down and cried and told him all of the crummy things and feelings I had inside of me and it felt almost like he was there holding me and letting me talk it out. I miss him so much but it's wonderful to know he's looking over me and other members of our family. 

By the way, everything worked out. Ellie was groggy but fine. FHE went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time. 

Everything works out. Life is brutiful. 


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Ali Mills said...

I'm so sorry you had a meltdown. I hat ethose days. I'm so happy though for the peace and security you felt from your grandpa's spirit. I always feel like angels are watching over me and it fills me with such brightness of hope it's a miracle in and of itself. And the best medicine for those dark days.