Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Winter Happenings

Life has been a lot of fun lately so I thought I'd do a quick round up of the last month or so.

I've been waiting for the new Star Wars movie my entire life (more accurately: the past year) and I planned to go with my friend Jamie, who loves the franchise almost as much as I do. We bought tickets three weeks in advance for the Cine Capri showing at Tempe Marketplace the day AFTER the film came out, in hopes of missing the crazy crowds. We arrived an hour and a half early and the line was already out the door! In true Jamie fashion, he sneaked in a protein shake and chicken sandwich while I guzzled an Icee despite the 40 degree weather outside. We appropriately dressed for the event in our Star Wars onesies (thank you Target) and got a lot of compliments. 

I told Jamie everyone probably thought we were a couple and he agreed. Woops.

In keeping with our theme of doing "couple-y" things together (I SWEAR he is just a really good friend), we went and checked out some Christmas lights on Monday. He had never been to temple lights so that was our first stop. Walking around at one point he said "Whitney, these are your people, how come you don't know anyone?" Two seconds later a girl came around the corner and said, "JAMIE!" So the Jewish boy knew a Mormon at the temple and I didn't. Typical. 

We then went out to Gilbert to see the Christmas lights neighborhood that won the lights battle on TV (or something like that) and it was awesome. We waited in line for 20 minutes to get into the neighborhood and there were two lanes of traffic! You tune your radio into a specific station that follows the light show perfectly. I think there were 13 or so houses completely decked out. They were even taking donations for Make-A-Wish Arizona, which we loved. 

A few weeks ago we took Jonah to see the Zoo lights and he loved them! I think I've seen more Christmas lights this year than ever before. I've been to Zoo lights twice and the temple at least five times. Jonah loved looking around and snuggling mommy in his glorious "Tula."

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Kelly got married! The summer of 2009, six of us girls came together from all over the country and have been close friends ever since. Since Kelly grew up in Prescott and attended school at ASU in Tempe, she decided to have her wedding here! That meant everyone came to me which was delightful. :) 

The night before the wedding she had a rehearsal dinner at Macayo's in Tempe which was delicious. We then went to a piano bar on Mill Avenue which was so much fun.
The actual wedding was beautiful. It was at the Tempe Center for the Arts downtown, right off of Tempe Town Lake. She got married at sunset. The weather was perfect and I may have cried. There's just something about weddings... Afterwards we danced the night away and had a beautiful time. I loved the sparkler sendoff. Cheers to one of my favorite couples! 


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