Monday, September 28, 2015

Mental Health

I have been hearing and seeing a lot more about mental health lately, and it makes me so happy. Some of the TV shows I watch have also been discussing it more as well, especially the importance of therapy/counseling. It is really hard to have a mental health disorder, and the stigma associated with it can be even more troubling. Why can't we just be open with each other? Each day for me is a battle. I fight the ups and downs, the unyielding anxiety, the depression that lurks around the corner, waiting to pounce when I'm unsuspecting. 

I'm not the only one. There are literally millions of people out there fighting their own daily battles. I hope they know they're not alone. I hope they feel okay talking about it, at least with their family and friends. I hope they know God loves them and doesn't want them to feel alone. It's something they may carry with them always, but there are so many tools and resources out there. 

You are loved. 

Quote on mental health: Mental illnesses are a thing. They're real. And we need to talk about them.


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