Friday, August 28, 2015

Exciting Happenings

1. It's been three weeks with my virtual training and I'm loving it. I'm thinking about asking Brooke to intensify my workouts or add in an additional run. It feels good to be sore and progress!

2. My mom gave me $200 to shop for LuLaRoe clothes and I'm going over tonight to a consultant's house to do my own personal shopping. I'm so excited! 

3. In November I'm going to San Diego to spend some time with my friend Bonnie, her husband and kiddos. I'll be going through the temple for the first time and I am so excited for this new step in my life!

4. I got my very first credit card this week. Yes, it only took me 27 years. The only thing building up my credit was my car payment so I decided I needed something else. After careful research and consideration I went with Capital One. I've decided to use it for gas and groceries and obviously pay it off each month. I feel so adult!

5. I spend at least two days a week at Mary's house snuggling Jonah and it is the highlight of my life. He is such a good, snuggly baby. 

6. I signed up to grant ANOTHER wish this week and the initial wish visit went so well. The little girl wants to go to Disneyland and we all know that's right up my alley. 

7. One of my other wishes is being granted next month for the kiddo to meet his favorite sports team in Minnesota. We are throwing a sendoff party next Friday so I'm busy preparing for that. 

8. Months and months ago I bought AMAZING tickets to Wicked at Gammage for me and a friend so we're finally going Tuesday night. I love live theatre so much it's not even funny. I will probably want to see if five more times. 

9. I just finished the greatest book called "Trail of Broken Wings." The Kindle version was $2 on Amazon and it had great reviews so I just bought it on a whim. I am SO glad I did. I read it in two days. Such an amazing book. 

10. Ellie and I celebrated National Dog Day by snuggling in bed all night last night. We may have fallen asleep at 8 PM... Love my little chola. 


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