Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What I Learned at 26

On August 21, 2015, I turned 27 years old. I woke up to streamers, balloons and a Happy Birthday sign, all left by my sweet roomie for me. She gave me a gift card to Victoria's Secret (who doesn't love that place?) and the most precious/thoughtful book about our friendship.

I came into work to find my desk covered in picture of my favorite leading man, Benedict Cumberbatch. My friends gave me tons of gifts and cards and made me feel so special. Britni took me out to lunch at Flower Child (one of my favorite restaurants) and then Amy and Brodie took me out for birthday dinner at Oregano's where I gorged on pizza and pizookie because treat yoself, it's your birthday. 

The next day I went over to my mom's house and we all (Michael and Jonah included) went to lunch at Paradise Bakery. It was so fun having everyone together. Mary and Michael gave me a DVD of all the Disney shorts and mom gave me $200 to LuLaRoe and tickets to see If/Then at Gammage in the Spring. She then took out the most wonderful of all cakes out of the fridge - a Belle cake just for me. I was obsessed. 

It was such a good birthday and I feel so loved. I have all of my goals in order for 27, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on the past year and what I've learned. 

  • Learn to be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself quickly. Remember that everyone makes mistakes. 
  • Only make time for friendships that are reciprocal, meaningful and worthwhile. 
  • Remember that balance is the key to happiness. 
  • Invest in yourself. 
  • Pray often and you will be strengthened. Learn to lean on the Lord. 
  • Take time to appreciate the small joys in life. 
  • Be grateful for all of the good in your life. Focus on the positive whenever you can. 
  • Family will always be there for you. Sisters can be best friends. Who knew? :)
  • Serve others whenever possible.
  • God has great plans in store, better than you can imagine. Be patient. 
Here's to the best year yet. 


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