Friday, August 14, 2015

2 Days with Jonah

I took Thursday and Friday off this week to help Mary with the baby and I'm so glad I did. The first day I cleaned a little, snuggled Jonah, fed him, changed diapers, let Mary nap and helped her take him to the doctor. Then I made dinner and we all hung out. 

Last night Mary wasn't feeling well and the doctor told her to stay off her feet. So today I got to take Jonah to the doctor and blood lab all by myself! I am so grateful she trusts me enough to take her little angel to his appointments. He was so perfect through both of them and didn't cry a bit. They were worried about jaundice which is why he has had to go in so much. 

More than anything, this experience has really solidified my desire to be a mother. I ache every day to meet my babies. I know that my patience, diligence and faith will work out in the end but right now it's really tough. I even cried leaving Jonah. He's such a sweet spirit and I love him so much.

Jonah and Auntie's first day out!

Kisses at the doctor!

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