Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jonah James Ryan: a Birth Story

On August 7, 2015 at 9 PM, Mary began the induction process at Scottsdale Osborn Hospital. They started her on a medication they hoped would soften her cervix and get labor going. She was already dilated 1 cm and ready to have her Jonah baby! The nurses got her settled in and told us it would take some time. In a stroke of genius, dad had secured a hotel room three minutes from the hospital so we could sleep nearby. We kissed Mary goodbye and dad, me and Jessie (grandma) headed off to get some sleep. We left her in good hands with Michael and my mom. 

I barely slept at all because I was so excited/nervous. I heard Mary had it much worse, though. Throughout the night she had back-to-back contractions (a side effect from the medicine) and could not sleep. All of the sleeping medication they gave her did not work (we are both fast metabolizers of medicine) and she was miserable. Finally at about 4 AM she fell asleep for about three hours. 

I joined Mary and Michael that morning while mom and dad took a quick nap and showered. We all fell asleep for about an hour before Mary's contractions became unbearable. The nurse checked her and she still hadn't dilated anymore. There was talks of sending her home because she was not progressing. I called mom to get over quickly so we could talk through options and we all decided there was no way she was going home in this much pain. Luckily after some movement she began to dilate... very SLOWLY! 

Michael gave Mary a bath in the tub and they later told us it was the only calm part of the day because of the bubbles and the water was so soothing. It even got labor moving along. I'm glad they had that chance to bond and be calm together.

Around 1 PM they started her on pitocin to really get the contractions going. I can't even describe the amount of pain I saw on her face, it made me tear up. She suffered for quite some time before they could give her anything. What made is worse is she had no break in-between contractions, they were still back-to-back with no relenting. At about 3 cm they gave her the epidural and the relief was immediate. She was laughing and happy and then crashed for about three hours. Mom and I ran home to grab some food, shower and nap. 

We headed back over right before they broke her water. After another dose of the pain medicine, Mary got so nauseous and threw up for a long time. We felt soo bad for her! She was still in pain and struggling to keep even ice chips down. At this point she had barely slept or eaten anything at all. 

Mary could only have three people in the room for labor and delivery. Mom and Michael were obvious choices but dad and I had to decide who would be with her between the two of us. He was so sweet and insisted I be in the room because he had seen both of us born and I will probably not have another chance. He is the best.

From about 6 PM - Midnight to me is one big, exciting blur. She progressed quickly and dilated to an 8/9 and started to feel like she wanted to push. Once the cervix was ready she did start pushing! We tried lots of different techniques to help her out. One nurse in particular was a lifesaver and coached Mary through the whole thing. For about 2 and 1/2 hours Mary pushed her little heart out. I've never seen her look so exhausted and pale but we all knew the end was in sight. Finding Nemo was on the TV and in-between contractions we all tiredly watched that to get our minds off everything. At 11:59 PM on August 8, 2015, she pushed out his head quickly and the rest followed. She got to hold him on her chest and both her and Michael cried tears of joy. He was whisked away to be measured (BIG BABY!) and cleaned up while she was cleaned up. 

he's out! look how happy my mom is!

first look... they're in love.

he is just perfect.

I am so grateful Mary and Michael let me be a part of this incredible day. I was nervous I would feel nauseous or nervous but it was so peaceful and beautiful. It was so incredibly hard to watch my sister suffer through so much pain for so long, but in the end Jonah took our breaths away and it all seemed worth it. 

Jonah is a sweetie with lots of blonde hair, big blue eyes and full lips. He has the Willis cheeks and double chin. I got to snuggle with him for hours today and couldn't stop breathing in his sweet, baby smell and kissing him all over his little head. I am so glad he is a part of our family!! It is so wonderful to watch Mary transition into her role as a mom. She was definitely born to do this. I know this whole experience brought us so much closer and I am so grateful she is my sister and that Michael and his family are in our lives too.



Angus Family said...

That was beautiful Whitney. You have such a way with words and I am so glad that you were able to be there for his birth. I was there when my mom had my sister Alex and it was so awesome and amazing. You are going to be the best Auntie/Godmother ever!

Kathleen said...

I'm so glad you go to be in there while Jonah was born. Those cheeks are just adorable and so is he! I'm so happy for Mary and your entire family! You're going to be the best aunt EVER! :)

Pam said...

That was really special and beautiful Whit! I know true love when I see it..and that love was in every single one of your eyes. Thank you for sharing this experience! Aunt Pam