Thursday, March 5, 2015

You Better Work Bish

I feel like I'm continually trying to lose weight, but never giving 100% in the process. I'm SO up and down. One week I'll be eating great and the next I binge on everything in sight. I just want to find a nice, balanced approach where I create a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise. 

Reasons I want to lose weight & gain muscle:
- I'm happier when I'm eating right/exercising. 
- I will feel better about myself.
- I want to enjoy buying clothes and dressing myself.
- I NEED look good in a swimsuit!
- I will feel more confident.
- I will can live longer.
- I will have more energy. 
- This will nurture my body and spirit, both gifts from above.

I want to stay accountable this time! Summer is approaching so it's the perfect time to start. I have a ballpark weight I'd like to hit, but I'm not going to be obsessive about it. Every time I start exercising I actually gain weight from muscle tone. I'd like to find a happy middle ground where I'm feeling toned and fit. {But FYI I want to lose around 20 pounds}.

I will be posting updates as I take this journey!  


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shirley elizabeth said...

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