Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Tough Life Lessons

There are two life lessons that I am just NO good at. 

1. Comparison is the thief of joy.
2. God's timing is not my own.

I KNOW these are true, but I still struggle with them. 

Lately I've been comparing myself to others non-stop.

"Why can't I have her body?"
"It's not fair that we're the same age and she has a husband and three babies."
"My sister is pregnant and I'm not."
"Her house is so beautiful."
"She makes SO much more money than I do..."

When I really should be comparing myself to... ME. Am I getting stronger at the gym? Am I eating better than I did yesterday? Am I doing a better job reading scriptures and praying? Do I feel like my anxiety is under better control? Am I closer to becoming the person I want to be?

The second one is even tougher. In my own selfish wisdom, I think I know better than God. That's really what I'm saying when I can't relax, trust and have faith in His plan for me. I'm continually panicking that things won't work out... how am I going to find the right man for me?! I'm getting older and no closer to realizing my dream of marrying in the temple and starting an eternal family. Will it ever happen?

Faith. Patience. Humility. 

Do you struggle with any of life's really tough lessons, even though you know them to be true? How can we all try to be better?

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