Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh Hey Friday - Tidbits

1. I have successfully read eight books since getting my Kindle eight days ago. I guess all I do is shut myself up in my room and read. Plus I'm not sleeping very well.

2. My sweet friend Marc always invites me to pre-screenings of movies I want to see (he has all the hook ups). My mom, Amy and I went to see Cinderella yesterday and it was so incredible. I usually don't like the adapted live-action films Disney does (Maleficent, Alice in Wonderland), but I was pleasantly surprised. It was classic Disney story telling at its finest. The script, the acting, the costumes, the sets, the themes... everything was on point. Go see it!

"Have courage and be kind."

3. This week I discovered cauliflower pizza crust and it is my new favorite thing. It's like I'm eating pizza but without all of the calories! My favorite recipe is HERE.

4. My team at work is so fun. Last year we did "Snackin' Through the Alphabet" which meant every Friday someone brought in a snack starting with the letter of the alphabet we were one. We made it through! This year we're doing "Snackin' Around the World" and bringing food from different countries. What country did I randomly get? Zimbabwe. Yeah. Yeah. 

5. This week was a blue week for me. I'm not sure why, but I hope the rain settles and the clouds disappear because I'm ready to be happy again. A happy Whitney is a good Whitney.


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Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

So excited to see Cinderella soon! Glad you enjoyed it!! Very cool that you were able to see it early! Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend!!