Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recent Recipe Favorites

I really enjoy cooking, and especially baking! I have been putting together meal plans, grocery lists and trying new recipes since I was 21 years old and fresh out of college. However, it is just NO fun to cook for yourself! For the past few months I have been making lunches (and some dinners) for a coworker/friend of mine. Since I don't like leftovers and I enjoy cooking for others, it works out perfectly! P.S. All of my recipes are found on Pinterest. 

Here are some of my favorite recipes I've tried over the past few months. I will try to remember to take pictures of my own creations moving forward!

(1) Cauliflower "Fried Rice"

I'm on a cauliflower kick, it's true. At least one meal a week lately has featured the vegetable, especially since I just got a food processor and LOVE using it. It's hard to believe, but I actually like this recipe BETTER than fried rice. It's amazingly delicious and has a great texture. 

Hints: You can get frozen peas and carrot bags mixed together in the freezer aisle, and there's plenty leftover for future recipes. Sesame oil and green onions are also a must for good flavor.

(2) Foil Pack Chicken & Artichoke Dinner

I hadn't tried a foil pack dinner until this one, and I was so thrilled with the lack of clean up and ease/deliciousness of this meal. 

Hints: You'll have plenty of leftover pesto and zesty Italian dressing, so I recommend making this twice in two weeks. I also substituted brown rice for white rice. It was delicious!

(3) Easy Chicken Bake

I also make a lot of chicken because I don't enjoy other meat much (except for shaved turkey and ground turkey) and it's healthier for you. The pesto/tomato combination is delicious and this meal is SO easy. Next time I'll try it over rice.

(4) Funfetti Gooey Butter Cookies

I've made these twice for my coworkers since I first discovered the recipe. I cannot emphasize how EASY and delicious these cookies are. Try them!

(5) Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

I made these a few months ago for Sunday dinner at a friend's home and they were a huge hit. I'm a big Texas Sheet cake fan and I was not disappointed in this recipe. It was a little bit of work/time/prep, but totally worth it. 

On the menu for next week:
- Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus (my first hummus attempt!)
- Pepperoni Pizza Cauliflower 
- Turkey Taco Quinoa Bake


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