Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Wishlist

I feel like I have a never ending "wishlist" of things I want. Usually money and good sense prohibit me from splurging, but I like putting lists together just for fun!

(1) Marquee letters for my room. I have a perfect spot where I want to put the word "Love," but the letters are always so darn expensive!

(2) New swimsuits for summer. I'm thinking I'll get a new tankini, one piece or some high waisted bottoms. 

(3) New sandals for summer. All of mine are falling apart so I really want to get some nice sandals that will last me awhile!

(4) Summer dresses. Can you tell we're already changing seasons here? Sun dresses are so comfy and perfect for the unyielding heat here.

(5) Ten BILLION dollars. Just kidding. But not really.


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