Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Things I Like About Me

  • I'm getting a lot better at decorating (my home, my work space) and I enjoy my ever evolving taste.
  • My organization skills are top notch and keep me ahead of the game at work.
  • I can watch a movie once and quote almost the entire film.
  • I'm also getting better at cooking/baking and really enjoy it.
  • Deep down, I am optimistic about my future and dream about good days ahead.
  • I'm thrifty and find great deals.
  • I'm not perfect, but I enjoy building a relationship with my Heavenly Father through daily prayer, scripture study and service.
  • My eyes are pretty and green and look good with my dark hair.
  • I have great enthusiasm for many things and I refuse to hide it.
  • I am nurturing and I'm going to make a stellar mother one day.
  • My heart is big and full of love for those around me.
  • I do incredible things at my job every single day.
  • I will never settle for less than what I deserve.
  • I am incredibly forgiving. 
  • My smile is big and white and I like my teeth. 
  • My singing voice is a-okay when I try.
  • In me lies a great love for learning.
  • Each day I strive to be a little better, and I like that I am always trying to improve myself.
  • I surround myself with incredible people and have great taste in friends.
  • I can nap better than anyone I know.
  • I enjoy writing and reading and could fill up a day with both.
  • I am going to do great things in this life. 


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