Friday, July 18, 2014


The past month or so has not been a happy time for this girl. Thankfully, I am surrounded by a wonderful support system and have learned so much through this time.

I've found that the best way to be happy is to forget about yourself, lose yourself in the service of others. My bishop recommended to me that I wake up every morning, get on my knees and pray to my Heavenly Father. I ask, "who can I serve in your name today?" Sometimes I get an answer right away. Often it will be in the middle of my day, when I'm busy and stressed and feeling overwhelmed. I'll feel a clear impression to help someone specific. Then I do whatever I can to drop what I'm doing and see how I can help make their day a little better. I can't tell you what a difference this has made.

Also, being busy helps! We are currently hiring for another coordinator (my position at work), so I'm essentially doing two jobs. My days are completely FILLED with meetings, interviews and year-end craziness. I often don't have time to feel sorry for myself :)

Something I KNOW that will help me immensely (but admittedly I haven't done yet), is regular exercise and good nutrition. I am setting up an appointment with a nutritionist and want to do some blood work to see what foods I tolerate better than others. Also, my half-marathon is in January, so it's about that time to start training! I know I feel ten million times better when I'm running 3+ times a week and working toward a goal. Now to just get started!

Other things that make me happy:
  • The best mom and dad in the world (who are finally HOME!)
  • My sweet Ellie
  • A trip to Disneyland this weekend with the best girls! 
  • Long hair, don't care
  • A reminder of why I do what I do at work
  • Long prayer sessions, pouring my heart out
  • My bishop
  • My Savior and the Atonement 
  • Good friends
  • Turning 26 (okay, this stresses me out, but I'm putting it down because I should be grateful to be getting older!)
Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement and your love. Though many of you don't know the whole story of my heartache and the repercussions, I am grateful that you can see this has been tough for me and that you have all touched my heart in some small way. 


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