Monday, July 15, 2013

My Bucket List.

My Bucket List tends to change a lot, but I think that's pretty normal. Our priorities shift as we age and grow and I'm completely okay with that. So... I've edited mine a little. Here we go!

My Bucket List 

1. Change someone’s life 
2. Be married in the temple for time and all eternity 
3. Have children 
4. Write a book and have it published 
 5. Write a screenplay and see it come to life 
6. Grant 100 wishes
7. Visit London for an extended period of time
8. Dedicate my career to helping others
9. Raise my kids reading Harry Potter 
10. Be proposed to on Disney property
11. Take the Lord of the Rings trek in New Zealand 
12. Serve a full-time mission with my husband 
13. Own a dachshund and name him Carl 
14. Decorate an entire house in my style 
15. Learn how to become a better photographer
16. Find my perfect wedding dress 
17. Be a crafty, Christlike and fun mommy
18. Have my father walk me down the aisle 
19. Go to a spa all day 
20. Sing in front of an audience
21. Ride first class 
22. Reach my goal weight 
23. Go to Hawaii 
24. Kiss someone I love on New Year’s 
25. Raise my children somewhere green 

Why is my bucket list so short?! Maybe it will grow in time...


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