Monday, April 8, 2013

A Few Confessions.

So, a friend of mine recently wrote a little post on the Internet about how tired he was of all the games while dating and that he felt people just weren't who they really were and all seemed so fake perfect.

What resulted was this hilarious post where he basically wrote a list of confessions about himself, dating, etc. and I absolutely loved it. I started thinking about what I would confess if I were to write a list, and while what I  list here probably won't be as shocking, I thought I'd give it a shot and be as open and honest as I could!

  • I snore SOO bad, and I definitely drool when I sleep. Sometimes I even talk. Regular Sleeping Beauty here, folks
  • When someone else is driving and a good song comes on, I look out the window and pretend I'm in a sad movie scene or something similar
  • I used to be so good about not swearing, but now I find myself using some choice words A LOT when I drive
  • I've definitely consumed an entire bag of chocolate chips in one sitting... it's Ghirardelli, people
  • My normal voice is deeper than I'd like it to be (I get all high pitched at work, when I'm talking to strangers or a boy I like)
  • Things like: traveling, dates, eating out in large groups and other such things give me hardcore anxiety
  • Sometimes I'll buy one piece of cake at the grocery store because I just NEED a small dose of chocolate... and I'll end up eating the whole huge slice in one sitting
  • I look at old pictures of myself and cringe
  • I've stood up a guy on a date before (not proud of this one)
  • When a date goes poorly but the guy still likes and tries to go out again... I tend to just ignore his texts/calls (I seriously have issues)
  • I'm disgusting about showers. If I didn't work out I could go a few days without one. Ew
  • I'm also disgusting about shaving my legs. And I'm not just talking wintertime... the summertime I suck at it too
  • I HATE eating on dates, even after a lot of them... it gives me serious anxiety and I don't know why
  • If I'm really familiar with a person, my weird voices/accents will come out
  • If I never had to go out on another date again, I would be so happy
  • If I could drink Diet Coke every day, all day, I would. Stupid health
  • I've definitely chosen a Dairy Queen blizzard over the gym before. Who puts a Dairy Queen RIGHT NEXT to a LA Fitness?
  • I'm a little OCD about weird things. I have a small vacuum in my car which I use regularly to pick up dirt. I also have to make my bed daily and clean the shower daily
  • I've definitely started a "diet" that lasted less than a day. This is why I don't diet anymore
  • I used to hate exercising in front of other people... had to get over that one fast
  • When I'm really into a TV show or book, I'll tend to have crazy dreams about it and I'll walk around like I'm actually in that world
  • I've met three guys from the online dating world, and all three ended in disaster
Okay so these don't even really begin to scratch the surface of how weird I can be, but it was fun to write. Happy Monday my friends!



Ali Mills said...

As I was reading this i kept saying "Me too!! Me TOO!!" It's like we're the same person ;) Seriously we NEED to get together soon!!!

katilda said...

I love this so much! haha. I don't even know where to start commenting but just now that I love the honesty and can probably relate on several of these items.