Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding Obsessed.

Okay, so I've always been wedding obsessed... but recently a real fever has kicked in. I think it's because a co-worker of mine just got engaged and I'm caught up in the excitement of it all! Can we talk about how I don't have a boyfriend and my entire wedding is planned out on Pinterest? No, we probably shouldn't. *Hopefully cute, eligible boys are steering clear of my blog*

I really want to share some of my favorite pin-spirations with you! Let's start with the most important detail: the DRESS.

I'm obsessed with lace, princess dresses, Jane Austen inspiration and three-quarter length sleeves. I can't wait to try on wedding dresses. 

Next: the flowers.

I'm all about unconventional when it comes to flowers, but also keeping it clean, simple and fresh.

Some little fun details that I swoon over:

General inspiration:

Yeah, I'm obsessed. As you can see, I want a vintage inspired/homemade feel kind of wedding with lots of personal touches. I swear I should have been a wedding planner.

Anyone wanna let me plan theirs? :)


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katilda said...

ok...that photo with the wooden barn...i just...i'm....YES. I'm with you on loving the simple, vintage/homemade feel. And while my own heart is set on a totally hippie-like dress, I think you absolutely must have a princess dress! You must! I totally love the juxtaposition of a fluffy ball gown at a rustic wedding backdrop....I think the contrast would be so amazing. Also I could talk about weddings all the day long.