Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Universe:

Send me a man with a sense of humor, who will make me laugh continually and my cheeks hurt from smiling.

Send me a man who is a real man, older than me, outdoorsy, good at fixing things and can grow a mean beard.

Let him be loving, sweet and patient with me.

Let him love my jokes, my silly nuances and my constant snuggles.

If he is a good communicator, send him my way. Let's talk all night about silly things and the beautiful deep thoughts that comprise our eternities. 

Most of all, let him be a worthy priesthood holder with a strongly rooted testimony of his Savior and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

So dear man, if you're out there... let's meet someday soon in an unexpected way. Let's spend our first date talking and talking and learning more about each other. Let's go from holding hands to whispering I love you's to you down on one knee. Let's build an eternity together, based on a temple marriage and let it grow from there. Let's have babies and teach them everything from their words and letters to loving others. Let's be together forever, bonded by ties stronger than we can even begin to comprehend. 

Whenever you're ready, I'll be right here.

Love, Whitney


1 comment:

katilda said...

Well it better be a set of twins because unfortunately we are looking for the same bearded, good-natured, outdoorsy kind of real-man MAN! So if we know we're looking for twins, at least this narrows it down :)