Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Message from Grandpa

A few years ago I was dating a young man and things were going really well.  We were going out almost every night and I was falling for him fast. We decided that we didn't want to be "official" just yet, and to take things slowly. Even so, I felt my heart opening up and I began to dream of our future together.

One night, I was writing in my journal, reading my scriptures and praying. I remember I started writing about the boy and how much I hoped things would work out between us in the long run. For some reason, my grandpa popped into my mind, but I didn't think much of it at the time. 

Some of you know my grandfather passed away the day after my birthday in 2009. I love my grandpa. He was always teaching me important lessons, but the most important one of all was to dream big. He always supported me no matter what I wanted to do, and he knew how important falling in love with the right man was to me.

Later that night I went to bed and had the most vivid dream I have ever had. Honestly, it didn't even feel like a dream at all. My grandpa was there, as clear as day. He spoke to me in his loving voice and I still remember his words. He told me that I needed to be patient, but more patient than I ever had been before... that it would be worth it in the end. He told me my future husband would be incredible and worth waiting for.

I woke up with tears in my eyes. A few weeks later, the boy I was dating broke up with me and I was broken, but not as broken as I thought I would be. I remembered grandpa's words and kept them in my heart.

Lately I've been anxious/impatient with my dating life and it's been showing. Today my friend Britni reminded me of the dream (I had shared with her this story after it happened). I was so touched she remembered it as much as I did. I started to cry almost immediately when I remembered that calm grandpa made me feel a few years ago. Now I remember to be patient, that it will all be worth it in the end. What's meant to be will be and I'm grateful for that knowledge.



wllsmichelle said...

I would do anything for one of those dreams. Grandpa loves you so much and the wait will be worth it!

katilda said...

This gave me the feels. I love that you had that experience. I have my own like yours that I hang on to when I start to doubt the way things will play out. Then I'm like, "Oh yeah! I've been promised good things."