Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Lately via My Phone

 Do you see these darling sheets? Do you see them? Brodie sent me a picture saying, "This is what I'm getting you as a wedding present." And I would be just fine with that! :)

 Will giving me some love. We spend every Sunday night having movie and snuggle time. It makes my soul happy.

My sweet gratitude journal I write in every night. My mom made it personalized just for me and I'm already feeling so much more thankful for all that I have.
 I GOT EXTENSIONS! If I sleep on them wet, they turn out just like this and I adore it. 

 Also... I BOUGHT A BRAND NEW CAR!!! Her name is Minnie and she is precious and the love of my life. 

 At the hair appointment... the extensions all straightened out :) Added a good four inches to my length. 

Sunday Funday with Brodie. So lucky to have him in my life, he's such a good friend!

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