Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 of my sleeping habits.

This post was inspired by my dear friend Katie, who blogs over here. You should check her out. No, really. She wrote a cute little post about her sleeping habits which I found really interesting. So... here are mine!

1. My most comfortable sleeping position is on my side, with my legs completely spread out and Ellie sleeps right next to my leg, all curled up. Yeah, we're weirdos.

2. I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. and snooze every five minutes for at least an hour. Then I spend thirty minutes getting ready. 

3. The room has to be chilly because I can't sleep without blankets on top of me.

4. Fluffy pillows are icky. I like flat pillows that I can curl my arms around. 

5. Other than Ellie, I cannot snuggle or be touched while I sleep. Seriously... sorry future hubster. 

6.I abhor sheets. I haven't owned them since I lived at home 6 years ago. I feel like they are unnecessary and uncomfortable and they take so much more time to tuck in!

7. When I was younger I would sleep walk and talk and I think I still do. 

8. I snore. Bad. So disgusting. My friends HATE it.

9. Sometimes I text in my sleep... when I'm talking to a guy I like it actually becomes a problem because I'll send them texts that make little to no sense and that are really embarrassing or flirty. It's an actual issue. Sometimes I have to put my phone really far away from me so I won't text while I'm sleeping. 

10. Many of my ideas for novels have come from dreams... one in particular from when I was very young. I love the dream-land inspiration!
11. Okay, actually, I thought of one more. The blankets CANNOT be tucked into the sides of the bed. Have you seen that Seinfeld episode where George explains this to the hotel maid? That's me.

Now... what are your sleep quirks?
Source: via Tiggy on Pinterest

On a side note... anyone who wants to give me these Tauntaun sleeping bag would forever be my best friend. I also love how the boy is dressed like Luke in Episode IV.


katilda said...

Love this!! And I have been a failure at commenting on your blog lately. And we WILL eat our favorite tacos soon!! And...I am so glad we feel the same way about sheets.

Ali Mills said...

Tauntaun sleeping bag!? Died!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

One of mine is that I really have a hard time distinguishing dreams from reality haha. Sometimes I'll talk to people as if my dreams were real. It gets awkward... Loved this!