Friday, February 1, 2013

Resolutions Update: January

Like I said when 2013 started, I want to hold myself more accountable to my goals with monthly check-ins. I'm already so proud of myself for what I've accomplished! See the colored notes below for my updates.

1. Read a new book every month. This month was an absolute fail. I'm usually so great at reading, but life has just gotten crazy over here! I bought a book that I thought looked good at Target and it turned out to be a real dud. So... next month I need to read 2 to make up for January. I'm halfway through a book about the temple and just ordered the Night Circus, thanks to a recommendation by the lovely Kathleen. So no worries. 
2. Become a better wish-granter with more regular check-ins, surprises and wish enhancements. If possible, create magical send-off parties for both of my kids and include wish baskets filled with fun! I have one wish kid going to meet the Cake Boss in New Jersey and another who wishes to zip line in Hawaii. :) My mom and I were able to meet with one of our wish kiddos this month at his home and finish the paperwork for his wish! Now it's all about getting him excited for his trip to Hawaii with little surprises.
3. Complete the Disney Coast-to-Coast challenge! This means running two half marathons: the Princess Half-Marathon at Disney World in February and the Disneyland Half-Marathon in September. Wow, training has been ROUGH, but I'm doing pretty well running 4 times a week. My long run this week is 7 miles. This month is the Disney World half! Also, I signed up (sheesh Disney, your runs are EXPENSIVE!) for the Disneyland half in September so I'm doing really well with this goal.
4. Create meal plans and try a new meal each week. I love trying new recipes, and Pinterest helps me accomplish this goal. My mom gave me a stellar blender for Christmas so I've been doing a lot of protein shakes and fruit smoothies for snacks, and Pinterest has the best recipes for those. A few others I tried were: spinach & mushroom lasagna, whole wheat banana bread, orzo spinach pasta dish, pesto chicken and a yummy healthy apple bake. I love cooking!
5. Have an extended edition Lord of the Rings marathon. Not yet!
 6. Spend a day at a spa and treat myself to a massage, facial and mani/pedi. Not yet!
7. Save a little money and purchase a Kate Spade purse for myself. Not yet!
 8. Buy a new (to me) car that's more reliable and more fuel efficient. Wow, it's so nice to ALREADY check this major one off the list! On New Year's Eve (the best day of the year to buy a car, as far as deals go), I purchased a 2013 Kia Rio and she is my new baby. Her name is Minnie and she is sassy and red. She has the coolest button called "Eco" that I push to help me save gas. She's zippy, fun to drive and smells like new car. I'm in love!

9. Try new hairstyles whenever I can (thank you Pinterest). So, this month I did something a little crazy... I got extensions! I have 90 pieces of hair in and I love every single one of them. So I've been having fun with big curls, long straight hair and occasionally I'll pin it up. Next month I want to try more braids.
10. Send a handwritten letter to a different friend every month. This is going to ruin the surprise but when I made this goal I decided to spend the first five months of the year writing to my five best friends from Disney. January was Kelly! I hope she loved her letter. It makes me feel really good to write down my thoughts and feelings and share them with people!
11. Continue collecting brooches for my collection. I didn't find any this month, but I'll keep on looking.
12. Re-read the Hobbit. I got through a few chapters but for some reason I'm having a hard time staying focused. I'll continue to read!
13. Do something that scares me. More info coming soon!
14. Keep a gratitude journal. This goal has been a major success. My mom gave me the sweetest personalized gratitude journal with pictures of my favorite things in it. I write just a few lines every day and it really makes me stop and think about what I am most grateful for.
15. BE HAPPY with my life, who I am and where I'm at because this is the only time I'll ever be at this place in time ever again! Mission accomplished.


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