Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Okay, so I'm getting a jumpstart on my 2013 goals and I'm hoping that writing them down on my blog helps get me motivated. Some are silly and some are just really important to me. Here we go! 

1. Read a new book every month. 
2. Become a better wish-granter with more regular check-ins, surprises and wish enhancements. If possible, create magical send-off parties for both of my kids and include wish baskets filled with fun! I have one wish kid going to meet the Cake Boss in New Jersey and another who wishes to zip line in Hawaii. :)
3. Complete the Disney Coast-to-Coast challenge! This means running two half marathons: the Princess Half-Marathon at Disney World in February and the Disneyland Half-Marathon in September. 
4. Create meal plans and try a new meal each week. 
5. Have an extended edition Lord of the Rings marathon. 
6. Spend a day at a spa and treat myself to a massage, facial and mani/pedi. 
7. Save a little money and purchase a Kate Spade purse for myself.
8. Buy a new (to me) car that's more reliable and more fuel efficient. 
9. Try new hairstyles whenever I can (thank you Pinterest).
10. Send a handwritten letter to a different friend every month. 
11. Continue collecting brooches for my collection.
12. Re-read the Hobbit.
13. Do something that scares me.
14. Keep a gratitude journal.
15. BE HAPPY with my life, who I am and where I'm at because this is the only time I'll ever be at this place in time ever again!


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