Friday, December 21, 2012

Tis the Season via Instagram

Since I live in Phoenix it really doesn't feel like Christmas is coming at all. For once, I'd love to experience this time of year with a little snow! But just for a few days. Then I'm good :)

Temple lights at the Mesa, Arizona temple with Brodie & Amy.

A chilly evening run at Arizona Falls. 

My grandparents served their mission in Martin's Cove, Wyoming and had a replica handcart made for their cabin in Strawberry, Arizona. Don't even worry about it, it's a Mormon thing :) Mary and I had some fun pulling each other around on Thanksgiving...

My mom decided we weren't going to put up our big Christmas tree this year so I improvised and borrowed this little Charlie Brown-esque tree and plopped it right where the big tree would have gone. Then Ellie and I had a little moment. :)
Okay guys, I DID IT! I ran my first race, a 9 mile hot chocolate run. I may or may not have felt like I was going to die but it was so worth it in the end and I actually did better than i thought I would! Plus, there was hot chocolate at the end. Bonus.
My first peppermint hot chocolate of the season. And the heavens rejoiced.
This is Will, my little lovebug, neighbor, "brother," and sweetheart I've been babysitting since he was born. He's the cutest little Rudolph.
My favorite co-worker/fellow coordinator Britni. I just love her to death. This is us after our team holiday lunch. 
Just a view of a run from the canal.
Britni, me, Jen at our work holiday party @ the Biltmore. Fancy Shmansy!
Mary dyed her hair brown and is now my clone. Here is the little tree surrounded by gifts. Just darling.
And, finally, Christmas just wouldn't be complete without Mickey & Minnie, my boys and hearts. Merry Christmas everyone!

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