Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My life has reached a strange stage of reinvention... and instead of shying away from the idea, I'm jumping in whole-heartedly.

The first step in this journey began when I signed up for a half-marathon in February. Having never ran a mile straight, the idea both scared and excited me. As I begin my second month of training, I'm starting to realize what a huge life change this has brought about. Running is more than just the physical. Sure, I run three to four times a week and my body aches. My muscles cramp and I sweat more than I thought humanly possible. But inside me is a spark; a realization that I can do anything I set out to do. And that is beautiful. 

I'm ready for change. I feel stuck in so many areas of my life and I'm ready to move on. I want to learn to play the piano. I want to change the way I perceive my body. I want to try a new ward and start dating again. I want to move, maybe even just a few streets down. I want change.


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