Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7 Questions

1. Do you have any weird food combinations that you love?
Nothing super weird... I do like Mac N Cheese with ketchup or salsa. And ranch with pizza. But that's pretty normal, right?

2. Have you ever written a blog post, published it, then immediately deleted it?
SOOOOOoo many times.

3. What is a hair style you wish you could pull off, but would never be brave enough to try?
I was so scared to try ombre but hey - I'm rocking it! I think my next hair venture will be extensions :)

4. Would you rather have to always use the sun to tell the time or directions by the stars?
Hmm I would stay the stars, but just because I love them most.

5. What is a fall trend that you are excited to try?

I just want leggings and long shirts to be back! And I'm ready to get some new black boots.

6. Who is your style icon?

Hmm I'm not sure that I really have one. I do like Blake Lively and Taylor Swift's style.

7. What's your favorite outdoor activity?
Running? Exploring?




steph kelly said...

love the ombre! it looks so good :)

Sarah said...

I'm with on the ranch with pizza! Especially the cheap $5 Little Caesars pizza dipped in ranch.

Gentri said...

oh... are leggings and long shirts out?! I am so behind... it's sad!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks fantastic! I guess sometimes taking the plunge really pays off!