Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just a Little Update

Life Lately

1. Mom, Sarah, Megan, Nikki and I went up to Thatcher to visit Mary on Saturday. We ate lunch, had a little tour of her campus and I found a gem at Wal-Mart. 

2. I surprised mom on her birthday with tickets the see the Phoenix Symphony's "Wicked Divas." Two actresses who played Glinda and Elphaba on Broadway sang lots of Broadway songs and I was in love. 

3. Once Upon a Time is FINALLY back on TV so I can stop moping about it. I LOVED the season premiere. I was semi-obsessed with Sleeping Beauty, but she's just so pretty!

4. I went to the running store and bought new running shoes finally! My knees and ankles were in constant pain so I broke down and went. They did an in-depth analysis of my feet and running habits (note: running on a treadmill barefoot while being filmed is not exactly fun) but now I have amazing shoes and personalized insoles to help me avoid injury. They actually make me excited to run! Side note: an extremely attractive young man helped fit me for my shoes. He had to grab my ankles and guide my feet to the soles. I should have shaved my legs... fail.

5. My BRAND new iphone's screen completely shattered the other day! I can't believe Apple charges $200 to replace the screen. So I'm temporarily living with a shattered phone until I can scrape up enough money to get it fixed. Priorities, people.

Things I'm Excited About

1. Halloween-time at Disneyland aka the only time you should go there. I may or may not be going twice in two weeks... starting on Monday! I am seriously soooo excited!!!

2. Les Miserables and the Hobbit are both coming out to theatres within the next few months and I can barely contain my excitement. I cry every time I see the previews for these films. I've been waiting for the Hobbit for YEARS!!

3. One of my best friends is getting married in just a few weeks! I'm flying to Ohio for the wedding and I'm very excited to see her and celebrate together. 


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katilda said...

I love getting new running shoes! I love that the Hobbit and Les Mis are coming out soooon! And I heard good things about that symphony show from someone else too. Also I hate that your phone shattered. Hate it.