Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dear Readers,

I am SO sorry for being M.I.A. so often! But... I think it may be happening a lot more often than not. I haven't really been in the "blogging" mood, which I know you all can relate to.

Anyways, I thought we would do a random Tuesday and catch up? Okay.

1. We got Mary's senior pictures back! My friend Amy Jorgensen did them and she did a FANTASTIC job. I'm only going to post a few of Mary and I (all Christmas card candidates) and one of Mary. I'll post our favorites of her later. What do you guys think?

2. We had Thanksgiving last Saturday and it was delicious! We always have Thanksgiving the weekend before the actual holiday with the Overton side of the family so we can celebrate on the actual day with the Willis'. I loved the stuffing, corn, pecan pie and mashed potatoes. What are your Thanksgiving favorites?

3. I'm officially avoiding sweets for a few weeks and it's already killing me. I didn't realize how much chocolate I eat until now. I'm just dyiiinnnngggg to lose some weight.

4. Is anyone else STOKED for the Muppet Movie??? I love the Muppets. I can't wait.

5. Breaking Dawn Part I was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. In fact, I hated it much more than the previous films. Disclaimer: I do generally hate the Twilight Saga (books & films), but come on?! I am embarrassed for everyone involved in that mess of a film.

Have a wonderful Tuesday! Is it your short week at work?


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shirley elizabeth said...

Hi there.
So what I've been hearing from everyone is that they hated this last Twilight movie, but I think it's funny because I could not stop laughing (and gagging) at the others and thought this one so much better (though there were still many parts giggle worthy). And you have got to admit that girl looked awesome as a dying pregnant lady. It may be the part she was born to play.