Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hey there little munchkins.

I have a random yet serious question for you all. As a bit of background, you should know my vision is AWFUL. Pretty sure I'm legally blind because I can't even read the "E"on the eye chart. This past year things have gotten awful with my contacts. I can barely wear them because my eyes get so dry and red. They have even been infected twice! I'm so tired of my glasses. I don't feel pretty. I hate not being able to see!

So... I started looking into my health/eye insurance and I'm pretty sure I can swing Lasik. Has anyone had laser eye surgery and have tips for me? I'm having a consultation with the eye doctor this week and they will map out my eye to make sure I'm a good candidate. I'm actually really excited about this - hope you guys have good feedback for me!


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Miss Amy said...

Yes - I had it about 5 years ago. My father is an eye doctor, and he wouldn't let me do it forever! He said the technology wasn't where it should be, safety wise, and success rates were too low.... But 5 years ago, I talked to him about it again, and he gave me the go-ahead. There is a new machine that doesn't use any knives. It's all oxygen bubbles. Weird huh? It's the best technology out there, supposedly. Success rate is almost perfect. Ask your doctor how many surgeries he's done. You want him/her to be very experienced. Like, tens of thousands of lasik procedures under their belt.... Also, if your eyes are already dry, they may not suggest it to you. My eyes were never dry pre-surgery, but after surgery, that's a side effect for about 8 or 9 months. Your eyes are pretty dry and you have to use drops everyday. All in all, it was THE BEST choice I've ever made! Ask lots of questions when you see the doctor. Ask a lot of questions about how people with vision similar to yours have done with the surgery. Was it a total success? If he/she gives you all the answers that make you feel comfortable, do it! 100%! :)