Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grateful for my Boo-TAY

Did the title catch your eye? hehe.

Yesterday I realized just how GRATEFUL I am for the little silly things in my life. I took a few minutes to take some "before" pictures of me in a sports bra and undies (1. you will never ever see those photos and 2. I just wanna lose a few pounds and see the difference in pics) and I realized how grateful I am for my booty! I'm not usually a very confident person so I'm definitely capitalizing on this rare moment! bahaha.

Here are a few other silly things I am grateful for:

1. Halloween-time at Disneyland! I'm going next month with my aunt, cousins, mom and sister and I can't wait! It's my favorite time of year to visit my happy place and I get to see my bestie Abby :)

2. This man. DROOOOOooool. I may or may not have watched the new Star Trek movie quite a few times over the past few weeks... just for him. And yeah, okay, I kinda sorta really like the movie. Don't judge me. Spok is awesome.

3. Fall weather outfits! I know you're with me... skinny jeans, scarves, boots, beautiful colors... sigh. This girl is so cool and I want to steal her outfit.

4. My new shoes. My new shoes that I actually paid full price for at Target. Sometimes a girl has gotta splurge.

5. The seven jeans I found at Savers in MY SIZE for $7. Boom. I don't have a picture of them on me to show you... but just believe me when I say I got them :)

These things make me smile like this:

Almost painful to look at, huh?

Love you all!



Mrs. Ali said...

I'm SOOO jealous of your Disneyland trip!! My birthday is 2 days before Halloween! My mom and I went for my 21st a couple years ago and I loved it so much! The fireworks are awesome!

Buy some taffy and eat it on Pirates for me! ;) That's my favorite tradition me and my roommate started together

meghan said...

halloween time at disneyland is the BEST! everyone i know loves xmas time, but i'd rather see the big pumpkin on main street instead of the tree =) i'm hoping i can get my husband to take me one more time before our annual passes expire ...

and that outfit is the coolest. i wish i was cool enough to wear it =)

Gentri said...

Aw man!! You're going to Disneyland?! I am incredibly jealous right now. I'm pretty sure I can't even describe how jealous. That is the absolute best time of year to go! I would know, I used to work there. :)

Laura Elizabeth said...

Oh, Disneyland sounds awesome! Haven't been there in a while. Love the shoes... and also love Chris Pine. Is that his name? I'm a terrible fan!! He did make Star Trek very easy on the eyes :) His Kirk was a lot of fun.