Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Recap

My birthday weekend was SO fun!
I think birthdays are ridiculously exciting. It's YOUR special day!

My feather earrings were a hit. I love the hippie look.

Me and Lindsey. She is seriously one of my most favorite people. She abbreviates everything. She is so cute. She is so happy. She helps me out at work allll the time. I love her!

My two bestest friend of all time - Staci & Alyssa!

Jen & Brit Brit <333

Bon, Stac & Emma :)

Me, Lindsey and Ashley... I love them.

Staci & Emma... profile pic material.

My princess presents and lovely cakeee :)

Annnnddd.... MY PRINCESS CASTLE CAKE. Thank you mom, dad, Mary and Amy for this perfect castle treat.

Respect your youth, my friends.



Gentri said...

AW! You are so lucky! I want a Castle cake! haha! And I'm completely serious.

Tiffany said...

Happy Late Birthday! Very cute earrings! <3

Laura Elizabeth said...

Your castle cake is awesome!!!!! Last birthday I had a pirate treasure chest. I love fun birthday cakes :) Yours looks so great!!