Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Many Hairstyles of Whitney

So... I definitely judge what time of my life it is by the hairstyle in the picture. Yes, I'm obsessed with cutting and coloring my hair. Don't tell anyone but my natural hair color is a very light brown, almost dirty blonde. I don't like it because it almost looks gray to me. If you look at the above picture, that was me as of last week.

Here I am as a blonde last year. It lasted from May - August and NO ONE liked it. Well, except me.

Short brown cut as of January last year. Yes, I'm with a goat. Don't judge.

Do you SEE those roots? ewww. My hair was so long the summer of 09.

I used box color of my brown hair and got REDDDDD ewwwww!! This was in 2008. But, now for the main event! My NEW hair color as of August 24, 2011.

I couldn't take a pic on my Mac with good lighting... grr.
But this is as close to my natural as I've been in a long time.

Whaddya think?



Tiffany said...

love it! very pretty! :)

Miss Amy said...

Great color on you!

Jessie said...

So pretty! I am loving the dark hair!!