Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly Writing Challenge: Those We Love

This week's challenge was inspired by a remarkable man.
My grandfather, James Boone Overton, passed away August 22, 2009.

Grandpa Overton and I shared a birthday week. His was August 18th, mine is August 21st. Each year we would open presents and blow out candles on the cake together. I loved sharing that special day with him.

Grandpa believed in me. He taught me to follow my dreams and aspire to be whatever I wanted to be. Thought he wasn't there for my graduation, I know he was there in spirit and so proud of me.

I watched my dear grandfather leave this world. It was so sad, so fleeting. Do you know where I found my comfort? In writing.

The next few months after he passed my journal was filled with thoughts of him. I count those days as ones of great personal growth for me and I enjoy reading them again and again.

I'd like to share a few small excerpts today:

"I am on my way to the hospital to say good bye to grandpa. All that keeps going through my head is the song 'Till we Meet Again.' IT's funny how death can bring a family together, how it places us in a clearer view of our eternal goals. I can't believe I worry about such petty things when I am slowly and painfully losing one of my best friends."

"I've never felt such a strong, comforting Spirit in my life. He knows and loves each one of us! He has a perfect plan for me. I miss grandpa so much, but His hand calms my heart and brings me peace. I love all of the people He has so lovingly placed in my life."

This week's challenge is to write about someone you lost. It can be so calming, so reassuring to let all of your thoughts escape from you. Take time one night to write in your journal. It can be memories, thoughts, feelings, etc.

Once again, we're not linking up just yet but I hope you take time to participate.


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wllsmichelle said...

Great job! It is a sad day for me...but your post made me feel better.