Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recent Crafts

A few of you (mainly Lindsey and Lauren :) ) have been asking to see pictures of my latest projects. So, here you go!

This is our new wall in the living area.
I made the frames, mason jar and basket.
All the rest was from Ross or Target. :)
I'm obsessed with our new shelves...

I got crazy with mason jars a few weeks ago.
I mod podged scrapbook paper on these and filled them with flowers on sale at Michaels to decorate my nightstand. The candle holders are from Etsy.

This letter W sure isn't perfect... but I like it all the same :)
I want to hang it on a shelf with hooks...
All I did was mod podge fabric to a cardboard letter I got at JoAnn's for about $3

I completely reorganized the pictures in my room...

You can spot my frame I made as well as my "Change for Change" jar!
I keep my journal and pens in that cute basket from Michael's and I always have candles burning!
Table runner is from Etsy.

Hope you enjoyed! :)



Bon Bon said...

Super cute! You've got those creative juices a'flowin! I need to get motivated and pick up some supplies:-) xoxo

Katie said...

I love your mason jars! super cute and mason jars are so popular right now.

Good job on getting your blog started and thank you for your sweet comments :)