Friday, July 15, 2011


Guys!! (and gals)
I feel like I all I do is work out (okay, I'm at the gym 4x a week) and try to eat healthy.
I think about it all of the time with everything I do.
And I'm just NOT losing weight!!
It's so frustrating.
Am I alone here??

Any tips/tricks? (healthy, please).
I feel great when I work out and eat healthy but I'm just not seeing any physical change.
I want my jeans to fit better
I want to look sassy in pictures
I want to be not scared of the camera
I want to feel CONFIDENT!




Monica and Whitney said...

totally not alone here. I feel your pain! Loving your blog! So glad I found it!

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Whitney said...

aww thanks, you just made my day!! I am obsessed with your blog... my new fashion icons!!!!