Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feedback Appreciated!

For some reason, I've been thinking a lot about this today.

Actually, all week.

I never used to really think about it until my last "boyfriend." He was a homebody too. I guess all we ever really wanted to do was hang out, watch movies, talk, etc. It got me thinking about my habits.
My idea of an ideal night? Come home, cook dinner, craft, write (journal and novel), read scriptures, read books, watch some tv shows, hit the gym and go to bed. Of course spend time with Ellie boo too :)

But is that bad to be a homebody? I mean, at least two nights a week I go out and do something. But I'd just rather be at home snuggling and hanging out. That's the way my momma is too. We are so relaxed and comfy when it's just us.

Should I be wanting to go out? Or is this just a fun Whitney personality trait? Is there something wrong with me?? I feel like a grandma...

And the big question: Should I be dating someone who is a homebody too, or not? I actually think not... I think I should date someone who is somewhere in the middle. I think they should be active and go-go-go (to get me going) but also be able to just chill.
Why am I thinking so much about this?!? Your thoughts are much appreciated!!


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