Monday, March 14, 2011

Flo Umphrey

Friday was a crazy day.
After shaving LOTS of heads and cleaning up LOTS of hair (ugh)
I grabbed Britni to join me on a quick Walgreens run.

You see, some one, (who knows who) put me in charge of birthday cards.
And since we were out I had to go replenish our stock.
So, we picked out some cute cards and were on our way.
As I buckled my seatbelt I heard a quiet tap at my window. I turned my head and saw the sweetest old lady looking right at me.

So, as anyone would, I rolled down my window.
"If I pay you five dollars, would you drive me to my house?" she sweetly asked.
I was sooo confused. After some additional questions and prodding, we realized she had locked her keys (and sweet little dog) in her car.
"Hop on in!" I said. She couldn't quite get up into the backseat, so Britni let her sit up front.

She had such a sweet spirit and told us her name was Flo Umphrey. What a doll.
We drove her just a little bit away (we would have driven her anywhere, let's be honest) and dropped her off with a neighbor that could help her get another key and open her car.

As she turned to get out of my car, Flo turned to me with a sweet, kind look in her eyes and tried to hand me a crisp $5 bill.
"No sweetie," I said. "This is my good deed for the day."

She acted very surprised and said "I did not expect that," as she touched her hand to her heart.
Who wouldn't drive Flo halfway across the world and not complain about it?
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Miss Amy said...

WONDERFUL story :) Made me happy. You've found your calling at this job. They are lucky to have you taking care of these projects, because I don't doubt you do each one with love. xoxo

Whitney said...

The funny thing is I LOVE being in charge of birthdays and caring for my team. I also LOVE being a part of each and every account/sponsorhip. Such a great learning experience and I'm grateful for each and every day! Love you Amy!