Friday, February 25, 2011

Love Who You Are

Do you ever notice how some people just exude confidence?
Unfortunately, I am not one of these people.
I have a hard time loving myself.
I so especially admire strong, independent women who are just comfortable in their own skin.
Thank you for your great example to me!
Sometimes it is soo hard to just love who you are,
embrace your inner-self
and hold your head up high.
As I grow older, though, this becomes a little bit easier.

I want to wear bright red lipstick.
I want to embrace my inner sassiness.

And SMILE like I mean it! (cause I do!)

Thank you to those women who show me it's okay not to be perfect.
It's okay not to be a size two, have big boobs and perfect skin.
It is our imperfections that make us beautiful and unique.

It is those quirky personality traits that make us stand out from the crowd.
Be who you are.
Who are you?
I'm sweet, loving, sassy, goofy, quirky, obsessive, neat, funny, spiritual, insightful, optimistic and just ME.

I love ME. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are all of the above PLUS a wonderful listener, a patient friend, and a hopeful romantic. I am proud of you, Whitney. Great blog.