Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creativity is King!

I feel so much better about life when I'm creating something or learning new things.
However, unless I write it down, it probably won't happen.
So here we are!

1. Make a "beach quote" collage/picture for Suzanne
2. Ask Nikki to show me scrapbooking tips
3. Modge Podge a new frame for my desk at work
4. Make a tulle necklace (or five)
5. Create/buy an amazing outfit for Gaga concert
6. Write a short story about a princess and share it with some one
7. Make some flower clips for summertime
8. Organize my journals and random writing samples
9. Write five handwritten letters in the month of March
10. (rather ambitious) ask some one to teach me how to sew a cute dog bed for Ellie

So there we are!
Everyone keep reminding me to do these, okay? Deal.

1 comment:

photosbytiara said...

I will hold you to these...I wish I was there so I could teach you to sew and Scarpbook! I love you!