Monday, February 21, 2011

I Believe in Love & Fairytales

One of my very best friends in the whole world is Suzanne Jennings. She has brought so much happiness, light and love into my life. Well, recently on her blog she gave some special friends a shout out, including me! What she said about me was so sweet and genuine that I really wanted to share it here.

"Whitney, what can I possibly say about Whitney?! If anyone has brought back the importance of believing in my soulmate, it would be this girl. I never thought it was really okay to plan my wedding, or name my future children, or imagine what song I would dance to at my wedding until I met her. The raw simplicity in what this girl has taught me about true love is beyond what I ever thought a friend could teach me. I love that she holds on for that. She makes everyone around her believe and hold on for the best. It is a truly wonderful quality. Oh, and did I mention she is just crazy?! I love her more than life!"

Oh my, I'm tearing up reading this again. Suzanne, your sweet words came at just the perfect time. I recently made such a difficult, heart-wrenching decision that involved holding out for something better for me. I've been second guessing my choice and wondering if I have just been silly or picky or whatever. But life is truly about learning what is best for you and holding out for YOUR fairytale ending. I believe in love. I believe that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and that through our faith, patience and humility we will make it through the storm.

I know I get sad sometimes. I feel like it will never happen for me, and then I remind myself how blessed I am and that I deserve the very best. I will never, ever settle. Through adversity, I grow stronger. I am not sorry for any person I've ever dated or any heartache I've ever felt. I feel within me SO much love to give that it just might overflow. There is some one out there, searching for you. Believe in the power of optimism. It will take you through the darkness.

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