Sunday, February 27, 2011

I AM a writer.

That's right, I am a writer. I may not be published. I have not yet perfected the written word. I am learning, growing, adapting and refining my craft. In my heart I hold many special dreams, but perhaps the two most near and dear to me involve writing. They are:

-Write a screenplay and see it come to life on screen
-Write a novel and have it published

I have always wished and hoped and dreamed for these two very special things, and I will continue to do so until they happen. When I was a little girl I knew there were two things I wanted to do: act & write. They still apply today!

What an honor it would be to win an Academy Award, especially in a writing category (Best Adapted or Best Original Screenplay). I don't think I have ever missed watching the Oscars on TV. I love celebrities, movies, glamour, make-up, dresses, red carpet and the overall magic of the evening.

Mark my words, one day I'll be there.

And smiling from ear to ear :)

P.S. Dreams can come true. I believe in YOU. I believe in ME. And I believe in the power of our dreams.

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Abby said...

You are published! JMC 301- HELLO!? haha. I love and miss you girl. Love reading your blog. I think I will start my own :)