Friday, January 14, 2011

To Weep With Him

I would like to share a little insight I gleaned yesterday from an amazing mentor. I began to express to her some of the negative messages I tell myself when I succumb to sin or don't do everything I can to be my best. One of the most powerful is, "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would be so disappointed in me." This mentor took a moment to gather her thoughts and turned to me with tears in her eyes.

"Whitney," she said, "This is a concept I struggled with when I was your age. It took me years to realize that Heavenly Father and his Son are not up high laughing haughtily at our mistakes pointing fingers. They do not feel frustration or anger. They are loving and good."

I looked at her, slightly puzzled, because this is a concept I have a hard time taking in. She then turned to John Chapter 6, where Jesus heals Lazarus. When Jesus arrives to Mary and Martha's house, Lazarus has been dead for four days. Both of the women fall at His feet, and express their faith and love in Him. They both express faith that if He had been their in time, Christ could have healed Lazarus.

What does Jesus do now? He knows that He is about to go into the house and heal Lazarus. He could tell Mary and Martha this and stop their crying instantly. But what does he really do? He weeps. If Jesus knew He was about to heal His friend, why would he cry with them??

It is because He understands our hurt and our pain. It grieves Him to see us engulfed in sorrow and sin. He could have told Mary and Martha "It is going to be okay. You will make it through this and I have the power to heal all." But this life is about learning and growing. It is about faith, patience, endurance and hope. Take life a day at a time. Make today the best day it can be.

He loves us.


Caley and Jason said...

I love you. and I love this.

Whitney said...

Thanks Caley! It's something I really haven't internalized until now. Life is good!

emily said...

I just found your blog today, and had to tell you that I really, really needed to hear this. It's so perfect, and so true. Thank you!