Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Lovin'

As I step into a fresh new chapter of my life, I keep thinking of small/random things I'd like to accomplish, be better at or just things to help me enjoy my life a little more. Of course I have my big spiritual/physical/emotional goals that I've safely tucked away in my journal, but here are just a few of the fun ones I want to work on and help me live more in the moment!

-Spend more play time with Ellie
-Be more crafty: make jewelry, scrapbooks, restore furniture and items for my room
-Wear clothes that are just ME. More vintage inspired finds preferably. And dresses all year round!
-Cook a new and healthy meal each week
-Get a pedicure every month
-Perform a random act of kindness every day
-Do baptisms once a month
-Take time off to visit a place I've never been to
-Make new and long lasting friends at work
-Say yes to every date I'm asked on
-Buy fresh flowers for my apartment every so often
-Read a list of classic books

Also, my friend Ashley Lemieux (aka cutest blogger extraordinaire) has had the best posts lately! You should definitely follow her. Anyways, I completely admire so much about her and her life. I think we are similar in many ways and she definitely inspires me to be better. This year she has chosen the word "shine" to embody everything she does. In every little thing she sets out to accomplish, she wants to shine. Anyways, her word of the year really got me thinking. Last year was, as before mentioned, my year of bravery. But this year I want things to be different. I want this to be the year of "Wishes" come true. Of course inspired by my new and exciting job, I feel the word wish will really help me to discover who I am, embrace change and grow every single day. Thanks for the inspiration pretty girl!


Angus Family said...

Beautiful blog Whit! You have such a wonderful way with words. If you want help in the craft department I am all crafts. I am constantly making stuff and trying to learn how to male stuff.. I just learned some cool crochet flowers yesterday(they would be really cute broaches for some dresses or embellishments or hair bows.) Anyways. I think wishes is a really great word of the year for you too. I am still trying to come up with mine but there r soo many words and directions to gobwith that. Thanks for the beautiful post girly.

Ashley said...

I just texted you... but thank you so much for your sweet words :) im obsessed with you