Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Wish

Well, this is a long time coming. As most of you know, I've been actively searching for that right "fit" for me somewhere in the real world. I don't want to be too negative here, so I won't! I want to just express that the past 9 months or so have been such a meaningful learning experience for me. I've learned exactly what I like and don't like about a job setting. I've gained valuable work experience and improved my skill-set. And, most importantly, I've decided not to pursue a career in public relations.

There is something to be said about God's hand in all things. As I look back on the spiritual promptings, hardships and beautiful friendships I've discovered this last year, I realize that nothing was left to chance. He has followed me through it all. Hilary, my roommate, is the Employment Specialist for our ward and in early December sent me an e-mail with a job description attached. "Take a look," it said. "I think this job would be perfect for you!" It was a position with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, an organization whose mission I had admired from an early age. While I worked at Disney I got to see first-hand so many beautiful children experience their wishes come to life with their families. They had such optimism and courage in their countenances. Tears almost well up within me just thinking about it. So when Hilary send me the job description, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to apply.

About a week later I had a phone interview with HR. It went very well, but I didn't hear back for another three weeks. By this time I had almost given up hope, but one day they called me and asked me to come in for an interview! I met with a few people and felt it went extremely well. The office was so beautiful and located closer to where I lived. Photos of children receiving their wishes plastered the walls and I again became emotional.

Two more weeks pass and HR called me to set up an interview with seven people, a three hour session! This was just a few days ago. As you can probably tell, it went well :) Everyone is soo friendly and warm. They all have such a passion for what they do and you can just tell the office is a positive environment.

I will be the new Corporate Alliances Coordinator. I will be doing everything from administrative tasks to helping out the team in any way I can. I can't wait to dive in, work on actual campaigns and be part of such a beautiful non-profit organization. It's the National Chapter in Phoenix, and I know I will be helping with local chapters all across the country.

I can see this job being so personally fulfilling. I can't wait to help others and go above and beyond every single day in this new and exciting environment.

A fresh start is something I can understand. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we are able to start anew and experience the joy of forgiveness. For some reason I keep comparing this new opportunity to this principle. What a beautiful, wonderful life I get to live!

"My wish isn't to mean everything to everyone but something to some one"


Miss Amy said...

This is such an incredible moment in your life. A new life path, a whole new world for you!! I'm really happy and proud of you for going after what you and the Lord wanted for you. I know you'll be exactly what Make-a-Wish needs!! What a great fit! :) xoxo

McKenzie Hansen Mortensen said...

This is seems like such a wonderful job! I LOVE the make-a-wish foundation and you are the perfect person to work there. I love seeing you so happy :)

Lauren said...

Congrats Whitney! What a journey and what an oppurtunity! Good for you. The work force is a hard thing, but you have to love what you do! Sounds like you'll have a little piece of Disney here is AZ!