Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Midnight Madness!

Where to begin? Well, last night I came home and started to get ready for bed (this was around 9:30). I was exhausted. Poor Ellie had been alone all day and all evening so needless to say she was not quite as exhausted as me. About an hour later I crashed in my bed while she played with all of her toys and continually jumped on me.

All was well until about midnight. I hear the loudest scream I think I have ever heard in my life. Groggy and confused I bolted up and looked around. Ellie continued to scream (and I mean scream!) and wouldn't stop. I picked her up and started looking at her body to see what was wrong. She was squirming and whipping her head around and I was so tired, I could barely think. I kept thinking there must be scorpion stinging her. At some point I think I started yelling as well. This must be a natural reaction to distress. I lifted her up as quickly as I could (she was still screaming) and brought her into the bathroom and turned on the light. Her mouth was as wide open as it could go and she stopped moving. I about had a panic attack. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I started crying. I didn't know what was wrong and my eyes were so blurry from just waking up. Suddenly, I noticed her collar was trapped around the bottom of her mouth all the way around the back of her neck. She was stuck in her own collar from biting it. My poor baby. It must have hurt so bad. I finally calmed her down enough to where I could touch the collar. I couldn't get it off!! I grabbed scissors and tried to cut it off but it wouldn't cut. Seriously, at this point, I started praying. I tried one more time to unhook the collar without hurting her and miraculously it came loose.

I think Ellie is traumatized. She was so upset. So I sat up snuggling her and worrying about her jaw. I hope she's okay today. I took off her collar so that gives me peace of mind.

So, that was my eventful night. It's like having a child! But I love her :)

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