Monday, December 6, 2010

Glad Tidings of Joy!

Ladies and Gentlemen- get ready for the best news EVER!! drumroll please.... MY BESTIE BONNIE IS PREGGERS!! I about flipped my lid when I found out!! She has been married to David (her very best friend) since 2007 and they are both so excited about their new addition. I am convinced it is a girl, but obviously I could be very wrong :) Either way, I'm so happy for you Bonnie and David- CONGRATS! Here are some of my very Bon Bon memories:

Sometimes I feel like people probably think it's weird that I'm so obsessed with my dog. But, honestly, she is the sweetest girl ever. She has so much love to give. Every time I come home she acts like she hasn't seen me in years. Her personality is so funny. She runs up and down the stairs like a maniac, literally walks on people (she likes to give massages) and covers you in kisses.

My little lovebug :) She is totally entranced by the cars on the street.
I like my big booty.

Yep, we look alike!
She'll always have a special place in my heart!
(She's turning her head because Mary is saying "wanna go to Grandma's house?") What a cutie!

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Lauren said...

I remember Bonnie, Congrats! How was Tangled??