Saturday, December 18, 2010

Memorable Despicable Me Quotes

Dr. Nefario: We have to warn him, and FAST!
[starts driving on his moped at the speed of an inch a minute

Gru: I shrink the moon, I grab the moon, I sit on the toilet bowl... what?
[sees a child's drawing in his plans, of himself sitting on a toilet bowl]

Edith: It was your cousin's idea!
Dave the Minion: *What*?

Dr. Nefario: Here's the new weapon you ordered.
[Shoots minion with the fart gun]
Gru: No, no, no. I said DART gun.
Dr. Nefario: Oh yes. Cause I was wondering... under what circumstances would we use this?
Gru: Ok...

Gru: Do you speak Spanish?
Miss Hattie: Do I look like someone who speaks Spanish?
Gru: It's just that your face is so... Como un burro.
Miss Hattie: Oh! Why, thank you!

Vector: [after shrinking toilet] Look at you, a little tiny toilet...
[toilet breaks, spraying water on Vector]
Vector: Ah, curse you, tiny toilet!

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AshLeMieux said...

YESSSS i watched it today again. I'm seriously obsessed.

"oh poop."