Monday, October 25, 2010

High School?

I have been reminiscing quite a bit lately. I don't know why, it's actually very out of character for me. But what has been on my mind mostly is high school. Yep, it's been five years since I graduated from Desert Vista High School in Ahwatukee. It's absolutely incredible how different I am now compared to back then. I was so insecure, quiet, studious and such a good little girl. I never had trouble following the rules. I'm not saying I'm the devil or anything now!! It just seemed so easy then! Let's stroll down memory lane...

Minnie and Alice for Halloween! I was voted "sluttiest." Umm, excuse me? I was wearing fishnets and heels but come on people! I really like my hair that way.

At Relay for Life! My dad let me borrow his tiny tent for the occasion. I remember it was SO hot outside but then it got freezing at night. Reece and Jennifer ended up sleeping in the one person tent with me that night.. Good times!
Why yes, you are correct in assuming that I got a PERM my freshman year of high school. oh my gosh barf!! I always wanted curly hair and I think I assumed it would just be wavy but those curls stuck with me!! Add the braces and you have a real beauty there. This is me and Shmackie in drama class :) (Oh I also liked wearing shirts with quirky sayings on them. This one is a loaf of bread and says 'loafin around.' Are you beginning to realize how nerdy I was?)

Driving around with Sarah. My senior year I got into dangly earrings, short skirts and polos. Preppy much? And, yes, this post is turning into a fashion critique of myself.
Sarah and I at a CD release. I decided to go blonde and started wearing pants other than jeans. That was a big step in my life.

I used to LOVE Jones soda. Mmm. In my old Chevy Cavalier. Gotta love the yellow teeth (aftermath of braces) and gross hair color.

Yes, I improve with age.
I love me NOW.


Caley and Jason said...

oh man. do you remember when we were in dance freshman year?? haha and we did the "under the sea" dance? oh man. and how we car pooled senior year.. oh man oh man. this takes me back :)

McKenzie Hansen Mortensen said...

is that Jaclyn Polizzi in that photo sticking out her tongue?! I might be going crazy but I swear it looks like her.

Whitney said...

Yep that's her!! We were good friends :) I know you too were as well!